Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yep, I finally did it.

I have been thinking of doing this surgery for the past 18 years. Ever since they developed PRK I had thought of getting my eyes fixed so I could see without contacts or glasses.

A few years ago I had considered having the surgery done, but a friend talked me out of it stating that there was some new technology coming up with in the next couple of years.

I spaced it and continued to 'suffer' wearing the glasses. It was worse in the winter when the subzero temps would cause the glasses to fog when I'd come back inside.

Just recently Mike's insurance coverage changed to cover spouses to have Lasik surgery done. I was still a bit scared to have this surgery as you are well aware, we are only given 2 eyes and sight is very precious.

Two weeks ago, just right before my birthday, I decided to heck with it, I'll go in for a consulation to see what it's all about. After that consulation, I felt pretty good about having the surgery done, just wish I would have had it done within days instead of waiting another week.

Over the weekend, I started to overanalyze things and got nervous about it again. But, having good friends that have had the surgery helped me get over that hump.

Thursday came and I was ready. Met up with another lady who was scheduled right before me and we chatted about our concerns but also boosted each others confidence. Maybe it was the Valium that they give you to help you relax, but when they came to get me, I was ready, there was no turning back.

The surgery itself is kinda facinating in it's own way, you see everything yet can't feel a thing since the eyes have been numbed.

I was prepared for the worse in that first 24 hours but did not feel much discomfort at all. Maybe a little dry eye feeling. It reminded me of when I used to wear contacts and they'd start to dry out or my eyes got tired. It was important to rest the eyes that first night, no reading, no tv and no computer use. Plus they send you home in funky goggles, kinda remind me of motorcycle goggles. They required that I sleep with them on for the first 5 nights. The first few weren't bad but lately it's been becoming more uncomfortable to sleep. I love to sleep on my side with my head buried in my arms, having goggles digging in your face doesn't feel the best. However, I did catch myself trying to scratch my eye last night-the drops sometimes make the eyelashes itch, so the goggles did protect that from happening. I may wear them a bit longer due to the fact that Moji likes to pounce on me in the morning!

I was able to drive the next morning and go to work.

There has been some things to get adjusted to. I'm seeing some halos around lights at night, nothing like the first day though and hopefully those will get better as my eyes heal.

It was also pretty weird to adjust to not being able to see some things up close that I could before my eyes were corrected and now to see things far away that I couldn't see before. I went to shave my underarms a few days ago and everything was blurry. I freaked a bit as I wasn't really prepared for that but hey, I'll take the trade off. I can now see my toes that I haven't been able to see for the past 30 years :) I did share that with a friend at work who also has had Lasik and she said the exact same thing so it just wasn't me :)

Another bad habit that I've had to watch closely is rubbing my eyes. I always rubbed them after a shower or in the morning when I got up. Just felt good. Now I have been forbidden to even think about rubbing my eyes for months!

If you are even considering having Lasik done, please go in for the consulation.