Thursday, October 16, 2014

Year of far!!

found this post in my drafts....Carolyn had to move her ponies off her property due to the Elkhorn River flooding.  Cora fell in love with Train!!!  She loved to give him nuzzles over the fence.  The other girls weren't so keen on sharing their gelding.

some crazy cloud formations happened in the summer of 2012

these 4 refugees broke into the roundpen on their last day and ate the garden that a friend and I had planted....

Wow, time has flown since December 2009.  Had a horrible winter in 2009-2010, a new job in January 2010 and an additional new job in June 2010.  2010 to 2013 were kinda blur.  Some major changes were on the horizon with my personal life.  Yes I still made time for myself and had a little fun, but riding, trailering, having fun excursions with my friends kind of took a back seat.  I found solace on the beach and enjoyed those summer days lounging in the sun with Carol and her hubs.  They have a boat and a jet ski and would always invite me to tag along for rides to cool down.  Carol even got me back up on skis which I have not done since I was in my 20's!!!  Winters were tough and I worked myself to the bone.  I spent a lot of time with the ponies, just hanging out with them.

Some lows that occurred are:  Both Newt and Stache passed away and a new cat showed up that blessed me with 4 babies.  I kept one to keep the mom happy and the others found great homes and are doing well to this day.  Cora passed away in September 2012.  That was a dark dark day.  Having older pets comes with their losses too.  Stone passed away in January 2014. He survived 2 cancer surgeries and was doing well, but his back legs just gave up.  Kitten passed away in March 2014 too.  Moj and I miss him and I was blessed to have him in my life for all of his years.  He would have been 17 or 18 next month.

Moj, Aj, Kitten and I moved away from the 'country life' and became 'citified'.  Aj did stay at Whispering Oaks during the summer of 2013 while I got my own home life figured out and somewhat settled into a routine.  Moj and Kitten adjusted immediately for which I am thankful.  Aj was moved to his new boarding home in November 2013 and again, someone upstairs helped guide me to find that perfect home for us.  The owners are great as are the few boarders that reside there too.  I have made new lifetime friends and Joe has helped me fan my flame for riding and having trust in my horse.

In January 2013, I found a great home in a quiet neighborhood.  It took a few more months of patience....yes, I learned what patience is!!, to get everything to fall into place for me to purchase and move into my new home.  Jen came back to help me move over Memorial Day Weekend.  Again, I had help from upstairs in guiding me to find this house and great friends to help me pack and move.  Thanks Sandy!!!!  Bonus with my new home, I'm 17 miles to work and I'm only 5 miles from Aj!!!!!  The neighbors are wonderful and I can still see the stars and some country life near me when I get the urge.

Pretty Paws Small Dog Grooming came into existance in January 2014.  I have started this business from the ground up and it has given me a lot of joy to see it grow.

My full time job took a change in direction and I now do payroll auditing in addition to health care reimbursement along with customer service.  The group we work with is just awesome.

Without the upkeep of a country property, I now have a lot more free time on my hands.  Travel plans and vacations have popped up more frequently.  A trip to Louisiana to meet Dana and Lisa Lou is on the near horizon as is another trip to Colorado Springs to see my sister and her family for Christmas and then the finale this year is a solo trip to Miami South Beach.  The hotel I picked is right on Ocean drive with views of the ocean from the rooms.  Snorkeling, beach, boat tours and city tours are planned.  It's gonna be a heck of a trip!!!!

Wonder what will be in store for the rest of this year and 2015???!!!!  Lot's of fun I'm imagining :) :)