Saturday, October 10, 2009

Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Making Lemonade out of the lemons we got.

Woke up this morning when the alarm went off at oh, 4:15 am. Looked outside and saw a blanket of white. Not sure what happened to ‘just a dusting’ that we were supposed to have. Had about 2 to 3 inches on our deck rails by then. When I finally got out of bed to go feed the horses, we had a good 4 to 5 inches on the rails.

The horses were sooo pretty running up to the paddock with the trees and grass all white. Made a note to myself that I’d need to get back out and get some photos. Mike fixed breakfast for me…should ask him to do this more often! French toast was sooo yummy.

Listening to the Geese that are migrating through.

I just love his eye, basically, I just LOVE his whole personality. He's a keeper the big doof. Speaking of being a doof....the farrier came Thursday, a tad bit earlier than I had thought. Didn't matter, the horses ran to the paddock when they saw Greg. He was able to halter and trim them without too much problem. Cora stands perfectly for him, but AJ would try to grab her leadrope and 'steal' her away from Greg. Greg had to keep waving him off and when it came to be AJ's turn, AJ thought let's play games and didn't want to be caught. Once caught though he stood like a champ.

Headed back out and decided that I’d ride Cora for a bit too. Wasn’t too windy when I meandered back out there, but, within 15 minutes the wind started picking up and had a cold bite to it. Had miniature blizzards with all the snow coming off the trees.

Mike came up to get some photos of me loping her around and then he played a little bit with AJ. After he left, I took AJ out to the arena to play with him myself. Gosh he is so pretty when he trots, just floats.

such personality.....actually, he had just gotten a drink of water and was holding it in his mouth. I had the camera on multi-shot and kept clicking it as he was swallowing the water and licking his lips.....still quite funny to see him sticking his tongue out at me and making eye contact doing it!!

We played in the arena for about 15 minutes or until I couldn't feel my finger tips anymore. I just love watching this boy move.

can't see his eye too well in here, but he was making eye contact with Moji who was playing with him on the other side of the fence. I keep saying how athletic this boy is.

Love that trot!

'mini blizzards' coming off the trees.
After playing with the horses, it was time to get some new pictures of Moji. He’s such a ham, but so dang fast!
Here's another keeper---Kansakaws Crown Royal Ahamo
Moji and believe me, he works his Mojo on everyone he sees!

You can't catch me ole man!!!!!

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