Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas 2009 Storm/Blizzard, Day 2

Today, I made sure that I went and did something to get out!! Headed to work with Mike at 5 am. He closed the office at 12 noon and we did some quick shopping..2 gallons of milk, a loaf of breat, a meat thermometer, some spices and picked up Hannah before heading home.

Just blowing snow and a lot of wind, some ground blizzards, but nothing too bad....that was until we got home.

By 2:30, new snow was falling and things were starting to look ugly. We already had to break through the snowdrift forming across our driveway and it certainly isn't going to be any better as the night goes on. This thing will be at least 4 ft deep or better before it is over tomorrow afternoon :( Mike braved the elements and brought up 4 sledfull's of firewood to stock the garage again. Good dry hard oak that burns like coal once it catches. We are praying that we don't lose power tonight or tomorrow with the 40 to 50 mph winds that are forecasted by 6 am. I supposed I should fill some water containers for the horses, but we can always melt the snow for them on our woodburner. It would be warm :)

I finally headed out at 4:30 to care for the horses and cats and to catch some photo ops before it got too dark out.


not the best pix off the cell phone camera.....

this is the field to the north of our can't even see the snowfence from the snow blowing over it and across it!!!!

our driveway that is in the process of being drifted shut!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrr

Newt and Beans behind him....never did let them out of the tack room today. Don't think they were too disappointed either

"Princess" is NOT happy!!!!!

Peeking around the corner to see the snow blowing and drifting......

our circle drive is drifting shut too...just snowblowed this open last week...guess I'll be back out there yet again.


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