Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ice and a Wintery Mix

I really hate when the BFLWM predicts a "Wintery Mix" especially during the drive in to work.

Things didn't look good at 12:30 when little Mo Mo had to go outside, the deck was already iced up and icicles were starting to form on the railings.

I decided to stick my head in the sand and just pretend it wasn't happening. 4:30 alarm goes off and I hear this awful humming sound, crud, the heat pump is froze up and hasn't thawed out yet. Can't deal with that right now.

Talk to hubby on the road conditions since he leaves about 15 minutes before I do. He can't understand why I need to leave so early, duh honey, I open and the daycare opens at 6:30 am. Can't leave clients sitting in the parking lot waiting on us.

He wants to know which way I'm going to take in. I think about it and was going to take the county road to Hwy 30 and then over to 31 to Elkhorn. He didn't think it was such a good idea as most likely that road hadn't been sanded yet. FINE, I'll take 91 to Blair and then in. I really don't care for that stretch of 91 going into Blair though, lots of windy curves and hills with steep drop offs. Once on the highway, things were fine. The sand trucks had been out and the roads were just wet. Made it to work with 10 minutes to spare!!

Wish I brought my camera to work today, the trees and stuff will be very pretty on the drive home with the ice covering. The front of my truck has about 1/4 inch of ice on it from the mist/drizzle that I drove through this morning. At least I made it safely though!

Poor Mike got his boat out about a week or two too early!!

Don't think that any Bluebirds will be coming around too soon do you??

People wonder why I call this area the "Northern Tundra"! Look at all the ice buildup on the trees. Omaha didn't have near that or even 15 miles to the south of us!

sure is pretty though with the sun shining through it. Still had some snow showers happening :(

Bet the geese that are flying over are wondering where their spring time weather is!

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