Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter's Last Gasp

Winter's Last Gasp!!!!
February 27 - 28, 2009

The snow does look so pretty in the yard and hanging on the branches---doesn't it or so I keep telling myself. Even though it is cold, wet and bitter out, this does lead to some very pretty photos of the critterz.

Things didn't start out too pretty though. This was from my drive home on Friday evening. Omaha was as dry as a bone in July, but of course, once I hit the "Northern Tundra" things changed quickly. The snow plows were already out by 4:00, dropping sand and salt on the highway. Don't let the highway fool you, there were patches of black ice already and things were slick. I really really hate that feeling of the backend going out from under you, almost as bad as that nightmare that I have of not being able to stop on hills, near water.

Cora and AJ were sure happy to have their winter blankies on!

She doesn't look too thrilled here though :( Do I blame her?? I was headed back inside to start a roaring fire in the woodburner.

The view from our front door on Saturday morning before I headed out to feed. Sure looks like about 6 inches of snow to me..........

Moji couldn't get enough of it. He was in and out constantly, racing around, kicking up the snow, eating the snow and just having a blast. At least he was wearing himself out!
Here he is showing off his ice covered beard after eating snow.

At 3:30, I broke down and had to go outside to feed the horses. Did I want to, not really, but they were starting to hang on the fence, looking towards the house.
I had two HAMS waiting impatiently for me to get dressed. After looking at this photo, I'm amazed that the house is somewhat clean!! Ok, you can't see a whole lot but what you can see is picked up :)
Here's Goober Boy, always wanting to stick his nose where it shouldn't go!! Didn't realize that he left ice chunks on the lens :(

Here's what I think about Winter..................

Now it was Moji and Stone's turn..............................................

I really like how the camera caught the snow getting kicked up as he's running.
Such expressions.........

So, how did you spend your weekend???

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