Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Puppy Breath

It's been 9 1/2 years since we had the smell of puppy breath in our home. Yep, I think I found the litter that may have an addition to our family.

I'm not even quite sure how I ended up on the website that I did, but I found an announcement for a litter of Wirehaired Pointing Griffons that were due on 8/15/2008. Hmmm, that seems like a good date. I'm one that believes in Karma and a little superstitious and feel that dates and things happen for a reason. I did some more research on the stud dog and dam. Low and behold, the dam is Stone's Niece. I looked a little bit further back and found on the stud side of the 'niece' was a pedigree similar to Duncan's. I didn't think that I'd ever find something like his again. I'm not real familiar with the stud's line of this litter, but I can tell you, it is full of hunting dogs that have been tested in NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association). Looked further and discovered that the stud OFA'd Excellent and the dam OFA'd Good. I'm happy with those odds. Now I know that fluky things happen and hips can have some issues. But at least the breeder of this litter did his research and bred something that should throw good genetics. I could actually spend hours and hours looking at pedigrees on griffs. Another dedicated breeder has compiled a database of over 15,000 griffons.

I hoping and praying that one of the males, yep, another male, will have the temperament that Dunc had. I love Stone, but wow, that boy has tested my patience more than a few times. He also is not tolerant of the barn cats, strange male dogs and will give 'a look' to strangers. Barking and size are good deterrents, but I don't want to always wonder if he's going to bite someone. He can give some pretty intimidating looks to people.

Pup will have his nose bent out of shape for a few days I'm sure. He most likely won't like the newcomer sharing his truck, his office or his mamma. I can only hope that after the initial shock, they will become good buddies.

Pictures will be posted as I get them.

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Tammy said...

Love that you started a blog, too. Being that we both have lost our mothers, some of what seems mondaine (sp) to the world, my mom would love to hear about. I didn't know your mom but bet she would like to hear about your country life, too. I share the passion with you & especially love your pictures. Can't wait for your new puppy! Your Friend, Tammy