Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trail Cams

About a month ago, I talked hubby into putting our trail cams back out. You're probably wondering why didn't you just do it yourself silly woman?? Well, a few weeks ago, there were a slew of MOSQUITOES in those woods that would have taken me hostage and eaten me alive. Plus, Mike needs to feel wanted and needed sometimes :)

Anyway, Saturday mornings are the day that we (he) goes and swaps out the chips with new ones. It's like Christmas morning turning on the camera that we have inside and seeing the photos from the week before.

Mostly we see does, fawns, some raccoons, turkeys and some blow by's. Luckily, I haven't seen any opposum. They are one of the few critters that are NOT wanted or welcomed here.

Last week was a jackpot. I finally got to see how "Notch" is doing. He's a rather large bodied buck that has been frequenting our 'backyard' for the past 4 or 5 years. I feel that he was one of the original fawns that started visiting our feeder the first winter we moved in. He's pretty familiar with the layout of things and is not shy to come up to the feeder behind the house. Notch's rack isn't all that wide, but it sure has some width at the base and some funky looking tines. We never did find his shed from last year or the year before. Sure would have liked to have those in the basement!
We have been having some problems with the cams not taking color photos during the day. Not sure what is going on, maybe I have the settings too high and there has been too much haze so it goes to blk/wht? I don't know. Fiddled with the settings this past Sunday so will be interesting to see what shows up. Of course, I wanted to yank the chips Monday but we've been on the go go go since Saturday!
Here are my favorite photos from last week

Notch is identifiable by his ears as you can see. The one on his right ear happened about 4 years ago. The left ear happened last year, most likely during rut. I told Mike that if he does take him this year that it will be bittersweet.

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