Saturday, November 8, 2008

Taste of Winter

After enjoying some warmer than normal weather, we got slapped with cold rain, a little sleet and stiff northwest winds. Guess we could be looking at snow on the ground like South Dakota is.

Within a week though all of our leaves have been blown of the trees, I have a lovely drift of leaves by our garage, the cornfield has been harvested and I can see to our pond through the woods.

I think the hardest part of adjusting to this cold is the darkness and the cloudy/gloomy weather that comes with it in addition to the bite in the early morning when I stop to feed the horses on the way to work. This morning though, I didn't have the comfort of my truck. It was time to break out the Carhart Bibbies.

We still have things that need to be done around here but Mike's in Deer Hunting Mode right now, at least until next Saturday. Maybe the weather will turn for the better and we can get the skidloader to spread the sand and I can start building another burn pile in the ravine. Still need to get wood cut and the snow fence up. Maybe I'll pound posts today so they are up and all we will need to do is wire the fence to them.

OR Maybe I'll stay inside where it is somewhat still warm at 65 degrees.

Nah, need to get stuff done and I've been lazy enough this morning...heck, it's 10:30 and I'm still in my jammies.

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