Monday, November 10, 2008

playing electrian

Late Saturday afternoon, I noticed glass and a broken outside dusk to dawn light that was on my barn. After looking closer, I noticed white hair stuck on it. Yep, AJ was dinking around and broke it. Still not sure how exactly he did it but the deed was done.

Quick trip back to Fremont to Menards and Bomgaars to replace a bag of feed and I was set to fix the fixture the next day.

Took the new fixture apart to see just what I had gotten myself into. Didn't look to hard, so was fairly confident I could get it done.

Sunday morning I decided that I should get out there and get that light fixed before heading off on the scheduled trail ride. Wasn't sure how long it would take but didn't figure it would take that long, come on, it was only a few screws and 2 wires that I needed to re-wire. HA!!

Put AJ out to pasture, really didn't want him helping me while I was on the ladder. Was bad enough when he was trying to help me when I was standing on a bucket.

Got my ladder set up and started tearing the broken fixture off. Ok, I didn't take into consideration that the real electrician had put silicon calk over the self tapping screw. Had to pry that stuff off before I could get the screw out. That took a while. Finally got the screw out--where is my electric drill when I need it??? Hmmmm, didn't disassemble the hood and socket before I took the base off, and what am I going to do with all these parts??? The top of the ladder isn't big enough to balance everything. Plus my ladder is about 4 inches too short to lay the fixture's hood on without pulling wires out. HMMM....dang it, just dropped the screwdriver. Well, let's hope that the weight of the fixutre doesn't yank the rest of the wires off as I climb back down to retrieve my screwdriver.

Ok, get the screwdriver back and removed the damaged hood and just dropped it to the ground. Need the space on the top of the ladder for everything else. Now is the fun part, putting the new hood on and re-wiring the socket. Hmmmm, there wasn't this additional wire in the other fixture, but if I put everything back together like it was when I took it apart, it should work right???

Feeling pretty confident putting the red and black wires together and putting that little black cap on.

Now on to the more challenging connection, putting 4 white wires back together and putting that little black cap on. Dang it, the little black cap thingy just fell off the red and black wires.

Hmmm, maybe it would be easier if I attached the hood back to the base before trying to wire this thing. Hmmmm, the hex end thingy fell and is on the ground now too. Dang it!! Ok, don't fall apart while I climb back down...Cora stand over there, I don't need your help too.

Alrighty, got the hex end, the little black cap thingy and I'm back to re-wiring all 4 of those white wires. Got them all put together and the little black cap thingy screwed back on tight. Got the red/black cap thingy back on tighter than I had it before.

Now to put the base back on the barn. hmm, where is that self tapping screw?? Found it.

Got all the pieces put back together--Check
Got the hood adjusted so it's pointing into the paddock--check
Got the lightbulb back in--check
Turn the power back on--check

Took the ladder back to the house and loaded my horse and dog up to go on our trail ride. Whoo hoo, feeling good now.

Got home last night right at dusk and what do you think I saw-------the light coming on at the barn!!!

I briefly worried about the dang thing catching fire and I still need to get some silicone caulk to seal it back up but it's working!

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Tammy said...

Whew! No restless nights worrying now! (evil grin!)