Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The weather forecasters were predicting a 'measurable' snowstorm to come in Monday night into Tuesday morning.

By midafternoon on Monday, the National Weather Service canceled their "Winter Storm Watch". Still not sure why they had put us in a Winter Storm Watch, it wasn't supposed to be that bad except for the strong winds.

I breathed a sigh of relief as the weather affects my job. We were still to get some precipitation, but nothing 'serious'.

On my way home, it started to sprinkle and the temps started dropping. By the time I got home, it was a pretty steady 'sprinkle' but I needed to get some things done so had to suck it up and deal with the cold rain that is feeling like it was starting to turn to sleet...hmmmm that wasn't forecasted was it??

Beans and Newt were more than ready to get in the tack room for the night, they don't enjoy being out in the wet and wind. I decided it would be best if Cora & AJ were blanketed for this storm too. AJ looks so pretty in his new red blankie. I think Cora is going to need a new one next year. Hers is going on 5 years and starting to show some wear.

Got done with the kids and jetted to the mailbox on the 4-wheeler. I can tell you that sleet hitting your face stings!!

After I got inside it was time to start the woodburner up. Need to start using that nice pile of wood we've got in the garage!

At 5:00, I looked out and saw sleet bouncing off the deck rails. Things were going downhill fast so I buzzed Mike to give him the heads up that roads may start to get slick. He was already on his way home and would watch it.

The sleet continued as I watched the evening news. No mention that we'd be getting ice "Up North", just that measurable snow may hit north by Norfolk, Dennison or Carroll Iowa. Why they keep bringing up Northern Iowa cities is beyond me.

After supper, Mike & I were sitting on the floor tying fishing line to hand snowflakes for my work Holiday Lunch. As I was sitting on the floor, I thought I caught a glimpse of a large snowflake falling. I got up and looked out the front window-we've got super bright yard lights- and I couldn't see any snow, just rain/sleet still bouncing off the deck rails.

Sat back down and 5 minutes later Mike said, look it's snowing huge flakes. Sure enough, we were getting snow and it was only 6:45.
By 7:30, we had a good 1/2 inch of snow on the deck rails and the grass was starting to turn white.

This went on through the evening and into the night. Unfortunately, the wind started whipping things around and the bitter cold was starting to settle in. I was very happy that I blanketed my ponies with the wind whipping the snow back into their shed. Beans and Newt were happily tucked in their beds in the tack room.

Mojo wasn't sure about all that white stuff on the ground though! He braved the elements if Stone went out with him. Headed to bed, not knowing what we'd find in the morning.

Good ole Mojo had to get up at the first bell, boy was he in for a surprise when I opened the door. He saw all that white stuff on the deck and put the brakes on. I pushed him on out and he did his business and was right back at the door wanting in.

The deck rails had about 2 1/2 to 3 inches of the fluffy white stuff--WAY more than was forecasted-although the BFLWM did say more snow to the west and north of Omaha, guess that means us.

After Stone went out, Mojo changed his tune on the snow. He found that it was fun to root his face in it and come up all snow covered. He did not care for the coldness on his feet though and would do a little dance to keep his cold feet off the ground.

The drive to work was not fun at all, snowpack to Hwy 30, tested the 4-wheel drive out, and partial snow from Hwy 30 to Hwy 36. The rest was dry.

After work, I got to see how our snowfence did. I can see one place were we may have some drifting across, nothing like it was last year!

Mojo tore around the yard, racing with Stone and rolling around. Kinda cute to see him enjoy his first snowfall, wish it would have been nicer than the 15 degrees that we had by the time I got home.

Monkey See, Monkey Do. Now let's see if he'll lick the fence...evil laugh from Stone!

You may be fast, but I'm bigger!!!!

This is the life!

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