Friday, December 26, 2008

Spectacular Evening

about once in your lifetime, the moon and planets do align to give an awesome view. December 1, 2008 was one of those times. We were forecasted to have partly cloudy skies and I was hoping that they'd clear out in time for the show.

I bundled up in my carhart bibbies, the trusty parka, warm gloves and a headband to keep my ears from freezing off. I also dug out the tripod to keep my camera steady for the low light photography.

To get things warmed up, I dinked around with photographing the sun setting. Couldn't quite capture the pretty colors though like I did last summer. Maybe it was because I was starting to loose feeling in the tips of my fingers and was worried that the dogs would run into me, knocking the tripod over.

I was starting to grow a bit impatient with how slow the sun was setting. Normally, I don't want it to set so fast but tonight, I was wanting it dark!

oooo, here it comes! The moon is starting to show and you can barely see one of the brighter planets below it. Dang clouds keep scurrying across the sky and blocking the view.

ahhh, finally the clouds have all gone south and the sky is clear. Now for that pesky sun to set a bit more. Need to run inside to warm up and get feeling back in my fingers.

wasting time still!

When I stepped inside to warm up yet again, I saw this through the oak tree in our front yard. I thought it was pretty cool looking so tried to capture it. There was something neat about the black against the blue and the crispness.

Finally, the show is on. Love the cobalt blue and the lighter blue beneath it. Neat how you can see the earthlight shining on the dark side of the moon.

Just love the colors on this one, but it's starting to get a bit too dark to photograph. Ran inside after this shot to get feeling back in my fingers and nose. Thank goodness it wasn't windy! I'd be an icicle for sure.

Last shot, the sky is getting too dark to photograph. I was pretty happy that I was able to capture this moment.

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