Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter 'Wonder'land

Winter 'Wonder'land

These past two weeks have been a bit horrid with bone chilling winds and subzero temperatures, and this morning was no exception!

I kinda 'wondered' how the horses fared overnight. They were pretty well set with hay and warm water but with the subzero temps, that had to have an effect on their nose and face whiskers.

AJ kept saying "Take my photo!! and Where is my BREAKFAST! I smell it, but where is it dang it!"

Cora was a bit more lady-like and not near as pushy, although she let it be know that she was hungry and she wanted her food now not later.

The temps usually drop when I go over the Little Bell Creek and sure enough, it was a bit colder there than up top. Ever 'wonder' how cold your thermometer goes in a truck? So far it's gone down to -11, my Excursion read -19 a few years ago and that was COLD!

Ever 'wonder' what happens when you don't put up your snow fence before winter hits?

This is what happened last year when we didn't get the snow fence up!!! Was so not going to happen this year!

Do you ever 'wonder' how much snow a snow fence catches? Well, evidently, they catch a lot as you can see in the below photo. This was taken tonight, and already, the snow is pretty deep. The native grass is helpful in catching the rest of the snow.

I 'wonder' if it will be nice enough to take Cora or AJ through those drifts on Christmas day! I'll be ready to get some ride time in!

See Ya! And Merry Christmas!!!

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