Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How cool is this??!!

A couple of evenings ago we spied a little fawn eating mulberries next to my arena. I think it would be a cool photo op if I can sneak over to get it's photo without having a ton of fences in the way.

First, I see this cool sunset happening and get a shot of that.
I continue around our yard and edge closer and closer to the arena where the fawn is. Cora spies me and goes on alert to see what the heck I am doing creeping along on the ground.

Finally I have a chance to start photographing the fawn. And the first 10 shots are black!! Not sure what is going on with my camera or the settings but those photos didn't show up. Then the battery light starts flashing....dang it, hope that I can at least get some more shots in before it dies.

I creep a little closer to the edge of the arena to see if I can get some photos without the fence in the shots. Luck would have it that this little buck was playful and curious. He made a lot of eye contact with me but did not spook away.

Cora has to check out just what I am doing laying on the ground. Once she finds that I don't have any food, she leaves and goes back to grazing.

Even after I was done photographing the fawn and stood up, he didn't take off.

As I was walking away, the sunset captured my attention again so I crawled back into the arena and laid in the dirt to get this silhouette of Cora and the sunset. Ok, I had to watchout for turkey poop and other stuff!

It was a good end to a perfect day.

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