Sunday, July 27, 2008

Victory Fighting Championsip

Wasn't sure what to think when Mike said we got tickets to the fights for Saturday night. I had told him all week that my riding was depending on the weather and that I would go with him if it was going to be too hot. Well, Saturday came around and I couldn't get out of bed early. Got other stuff done around the house and at 12:30 I was kicking myself pretty hard for not meeting up with the girls for a morning ride. Oh well, got a ton of stuff done around the house.

Did a bunch of stuff with Mike before the fights started, hit up 2 Graduation parties and put over 150 miles on the truck!

Got to the MAC by 7:15 and found seats that looked good.

I actually had a good time watching the fights and the people walking around. Guys were strutting their stuff and you could tell which ones worked out and which ones didn't. Girls were strutting their stuff too, some looked a little on the cheap side though if you get my drift. When we were walking in, a group of girls were in front of us. 1 had jeans, 1 had shorts and 2 had short skirts on, 1 with red high heels and 1 with black high heels. Another couple commented on how 'classy' they looked.

A friend had his son fighting in one of the fights. He had a pretty good following and won his fight. Found out that he went to Kearney and wrestled there and is an NCAA two time champ. I think he graduated this year though and I kinda vaguely remember seeing his photograph in the last Kearney college magazine. Just didn't put Ellenberger together with Pineapple! I commented to Mike as Joe was fighting that it seemed like yesterday that he was a little kid running around. His brother Jake was there too, found out that Jake fights in the UFC ring and will be fighting here in Omaha in September.

The rest of the fights were pretty good, had a big following on some of them.

Some names that come to mind are Ryan Jensen and Alonzo Martinez. Both had HUGE followings.

Fights were over at 11:30 and we were home by 12:45. What a day and I have no idea why I am up at 6:30. Um, maybe because Mike was staring at me to wake up to find his binoculars??? I'm going back to bed!

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