Thursday, July 24, 2008

I will have a garden next year.

Last night I went and checked the tomato plants that Mike has in pots on our lower patio. Hmmmm, they are bone dry. I ask Lolly if she's been watering them and she states, no, there has been plenty of rain. Ok, tomatoes this year are a lost cause.

Since I haven't really used my round pen for much this year and Mike doesn't want to 'till up the yard'. I will till my bare dirt in the round pen and have my garden in there. Why not? My horses only really use it in the winter and spring when they can't get out to the pasture. Plus I still have the arena for them to tear up. It's at least 60 ft in diameter, secure fencing so deer and horses can't get in there. Water hydrant is close, now to keep AJ from dragging the hose out! I wish I had this brainstorm about 4 months ago!

So, I've been thinking for things to grow next year. Tomatoes and cherry tomatoes are on the top of the list. Green Peppers, Cucumbers, Zuchinni, herbs, maybe even some Acorn Squash will be thrown in for good measure.

ohhh, hubby's going to love me next spring when I ask oh so politely, "honey, can you rototill my round pen for me".

****UPDATE!! I chatted with hubby tonight about my brilliant idea of having the garden in the round pen next year. At first, he poo pooed the idea. After a bit, he came around to my thinking saying that the pen would most likely be the best place to put it. The deer wouldn't be likely to eat it..... I laughed and told him that I'd be reminding him this next spring when it's time to rototill it. He laughed back at me and said that if I could get the snowblower going that I could get the rototiller going and do it myself. Of course, I pouted and said that I wouldn't be 'strong' enough to get it going in the dirt. Gotta make him feel like he's needed every now and then still :) I didn't have any complaints though on what I wanted to grow and he even said why didn't I think of this idea a few months ago!

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