Sunday, October 5, 2008

Meet Mojo!

Whew, finally have some quiet time to write. Granted, I now have a sleeping puppy on my feet and am doing contorsionist moves to type on the keyboard so I 'don't disturb the sleeping baby'.

About 10 weeks ago, I found an ad for Griffon Puppies. I emailed the breeder and found out more about the bloodlines etc. I really liked what I saw on paper and asked to be put on the list for one of his males. Originally, I wanted a female, but dear sweet hubby talked me out of that.
Today was the big day to go pick up Mojo. Drove down to Mound City, Missouri and met Kevin. We ran a tad bit late due to Mike hunting this morning and then having to get something to eat. Who has time to eat when you are getting a puppy that you have patiently waited for the past 8 weeks??

I was glad to see Stone behave towards the pup and accept him. Mike started the spoiling on the way home. Mojo was crying in his crate so Mike grabbed him and put him on his lap. Well, it ended up that Mike also grabbed Stone's duck down comforter and put it on his lap for Mojo to sleep on. Stone was a bit miffed to say the least.

Had a quick potty break in Mo. Valley and onward towards home we went.

Did introductions to Tink and Kitten and did some exploring in the yard. He hasn't seen the horses yet, but they noticed him right away.

Stone is being a good leader and has only barked at him a few times when he's tried grabbing his hair. That correction is going to be allowed within reason.

I have to say though that Mojo seems to have more spunk and energy than Dunc and Stone did or it could be that I've put those initial weeks out of my mind :)

Mike and I are still toying with the registered name but are leaning towards Kansakaw's Crown Royal. Need to find the other "C" names that I sent to Mike for input.

Need to wrap this up, Mojo lifted his head at the cat jumping off the counter, luckily, he just stretched, moaned and went back to sleep!

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