Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mojo & Stone adventures

Monday afternoon was the last nice day that we'd be seeing in awhile. I took that opportunity and ran Mojo & Stone in the yard. Stone, being the great hunter that he is, found a mouse nest at the bottom of one of the many oak trees we have in the yard. I knew he had something by the way his tail was wagging. Mojo wasn't sure what all the commotion was about, but was right there with him smelling. I just happened to see the mouse boogie up the tree. What are the odds that I'd spot the critter in a fork, looking back down at us, shaking in fear? I was cursing that I didn't have my camera so ran to the house and back, hoping the mouse hadn't taken the opportunity to bail. He was still there, traumatized by the loss of his home.

After that excitment, Mojo and Stone got down to playing. This was the first time that Stone actually played with Mojo and Mojo wasn't scared of the rough housing that Stone does. It was cute when Stone changed roles and was the chasee instead of the chaser.

Excuse the blurry photos, the sun was going down and there was a lot of fast action going on.

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