Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mojo-10 Weeks


Well, this little guy has taken over my life! Not much time to surf the web, catch up on emails or update webpages. Kitten was finally able to sleep in the bedroom last night. He hid under the covers until Mojo woke up at 4:00 am ready to rock and roll. Cora & AJ have had the past 2 weeks off, all that I've really done is feed, pet, fly spray them and clean the pen. What is wrong with that picture? Tonight I thought briefly about riding AJ until I saw how muddy he was from rolling. So, instead I took Mojo for a walk in the tall grass along our driveway and a little exploring in the woods. He was pretty comical running in the grass. It would tangle his legs up and he'd flop over on his side just to pop up and run again.

He also had fun exploring in the woods. Lots of scents and things to check out.

We worked on his recall and he has figured out that "Mom" has food in her pockets and is easy to pimp. A nice sit and a sweet cock of the head will get a piece of kibble.

He's not too happy right now, locked up in his crate to get some 'crate time'. He's been a little spoiled and allowed to run amok or is tethered to the coffee table. He needs to learn that the crate at home is pretty similar to the one at work.

Looking forward to this weekend though and getting some horse time. Cora probably has other thoughts about that though!

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Tammy said...

He really blends in with the woods!