Saturday, October 11, 2008


wow, this week went fast--part of the time anyway.

Mojo is fitting in pretty good. He needs to stop getting up at 3:00 am to play with the cat though. The alarm goes off at 4:15, so I'm hoping that he will start to sleep in a bit. May be that the moonlight has been shining in on us and waking him up around that time.
We got the little wading pool out since the weather has been warm. Mojo had fun jumping in and out and trying to dig to China. Water was flying everywhere!
He's adjusted pretty good to going to work. Sleeps on my lap going and sleeps in the back on Stone's duck down comforter on the way home.
Stone is starting to tolerate him a bit more and is actually trying to play with him. His tuff dog shell is starting to crack towards the baby.
Our home will not be the same for awhile. Mojo has drug out toys, crunched up waterbottles, articles of clothing-his favorite are Mike's socks and shoes. Typical Griff trait though is to carry the shoes around the house. I think they get a kick in watching me walk around with one shoe on looking in all of the rooms for it's mate. Sometimes it gets bad and I have to call Mike to see if he's seen the dang shoe. At least Mojo isn't taking them outside----yet. Stone has taken a few out in the past.
Kitten has become friends with Mojo. Guess he didn't have much of a choice though when the puppy would smack him upside the head with his paw. Kitten intimidated Mojo the first couple of days with his hiss and fake swat. When Mojo knew it was a bluff, the game was on. Saw Mojo grabbing Kitten's ear last night behind the woodburner. Bet Kitten was remembering when Stone used to drag him across the floor by his ears too. If the cat really wanted to be left alone, he could jump up on the counters, back of the couch or hide. He's not that upset about the newbie.
I should be outside mowing since "The Baby" is sleeping!!!

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