Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Keeping with Traditions

Keeping with Traditions

For the past 5 years, Tammy V and I have met up and rode between Christmas and New Years. It all started when she invited me to meet with her and Kathy N at Camp Moses on New Years Eve in 2004. We didn't get to explore too many of the hills due to the frost under the leaves that caused the horses to slip. My trusty mount, Mikey had shaky knees when he started feeling the ground slipping beneath him. To this day, we call that trail the Perma Frost Trail.

The following year, Tammy and I met up at Wildwood Lake near Agnew. We saw some potential for some additional trails but have yet to explore that option. The weather started getting cold towards the end of the ride, but it was well worth it.

In 2006, Tammy and I met up again for the annual ride. This time we checked out Hormel Park in Fremont. Not a whole lot of trails, maybe 2 hours worth, did some bushwhacking, lots of giggling and laughing.

2007 was WAY too cold and I believe my trailer was drifted in. No ride time last year.

This year we took advantage of the nice day we had on Monday, December 29th. Sheila, Tammy and myself met up for a fun ride at Two Rivers near Valley.

I took Cora, my trusted mount who I know would be perfect after sitting for 2 months.

Tammy took Windy and brought Butter for Sheila.

Tammy and Sheila letting the horses get some green stuff.

too icy to lope down the trail........................ so I looked at all the tracks that were there.

what in the world made that track???? bear????? Wait, are there really Bear in Nebraska at the END OF DECEMBER??? Shouldn't they be hibernating now???!!!!

After Sheila left, Tammy and I decided to head back out. She ponied Butter and we got another hour in! Earlier in the day, Butter acted like she wanted to roll in the nice sand. By this time, she was more interested in picking dead grass than in rolling.

Took a lot of photos with the pretty winter scenery behind us.
After I got home, unloaded, fed the critters I happened to look out our front door and saw this. The moon and the two planets have lined back up for another show.

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Tammy said...

As always, a great winter ride!