Sunday, February 1, 2009

AJ's turn

He's kinda been put on the back burner and today was his day to shine....or not.

Things started off good, he willingly came up to me to be haltered. Got him tacked up and did some longeline work before putting his bridle on. Things looked good. Got him next to the fence and got on. Did some work in the paddock and he was so calm and willing. Felt pretty good so thought I'd take him to the arena.

Things didn't go as smooth in the chute area. He sidled up to the fence nice and easy. Got on, things felt good and we started walking. Walked about 25 ft and he started acting up, shaking his head, feeling high and having Stone and Moji racing and barking weren't making things any better. We did a lot of one rein stops, circling and just trying to stay calm. Since my eye surgery, things look a lot further away than they used to when I wore glasses!!

He was really wanting to get back to the paddock and be with Cora. We did more circling and turning away from the gate. I really wanted to get off, but knew that if I stopped when he was being bad, he'd remember it and try it again in the future.

So, once we stopped on a good note, I got off and decided to lead him out to the arena to work. We got half way there and he balked. Did a rear and tried to spin away from me. OH NO YOU DIDN'T JUST TRY THAT CRAP WITH ME!! He got his little hiney worked right there in the muck. He still wasn't happy and struck out at the lead rope. If the footing and the space would have been bigger than the 20 ft I was dealing with, he would have been sent off at a faster pace and really made to work. Instead, I did the best that things allowed and sent him off at a trot, he figured out that he could slow in the muck but pick the trot back up at the top where it was dry.

I continued to the arena and picked a somewhat dry/frozen place to work him. He really didn't like the feel of the frozen ground and preferred to work where it was starting to thaw. Fine with me, trot in the mud and have it splash up on you. I worked his hiney out there for 30 minutes. Thought about getting on him again and just taking 1 spin around the arena on a good note. Got him next to the fence and he got all high again. Got right back down and did some more work.

Decided working him on the ground was going to be the safe way out today, things just did not feel right to get on and do things from his back.

So, we walked slowly back and worked on him leading nicely next to me. I changed directions and he had to follow where ever I went. Liked what I was getting and decided to unsaddle him.

Once unsaddled I decided to do some more longeline work in the sand. We had good footing in the paddock so sent him off at a trot. He got to the point where he was soft, had a nice bend and was keeping a good steady cadence on a loose line. Changed directions and got the same response. Whoaed him, did some yo yo stuff and called it good. By this time, he's got his eyes 1/2 closed and wanting the attention.

Went inside, took a nap and then went back out and did some grooming also to enjoy the last bit of sun that was out. Both horses got their tails brushed out and braided. Decided too that it was time to stick AJ to see how tall he is. Right now it's reading as the photo shows below, he wasn't standing exactly square, but it will do.

Cora will be mad at me if she knew I posted a photo of her 'dirty' side :)

Trying to show how much bone he's got going on with his legs. He is pretty substantial.

Looks like a storm front is coming in :(

Within 1 1/2 hours, we had this......
to this........
to snow later on!!!!

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