Saturday, February 14, 2009

The BFLWM was right!!

The BFLWM was right!!!

All week, we’d been hearing about a potential for a measurable snow on Friday. A friend and I were talking about how we just hadn’t had a good heavy snow yet this winter and were missing it. Well, our dream came true on Friday. Weatherman predicted anywhere from 2-4 to 4-8 in various areas. On the morning news, the radar was showing some heavy banding north of North Platte/Ord that was drifting our way. WHOOO HOOOO, Bring it!!!! They had also predicted some stronger winds, but I don’t think that ever materialized as there was no drifting going on across our driveway, just nice deep even snow that was perfect to ride the 4-wheeler in. Work closed early, yet I still only managed to get home a half an hour before I normally do.

Once home, I couldn’t contain myself inside, I just had to get out there and play. Newt had followed me from the barn to the house, he loves to run in the tire tracks vs. the deep snow that was belly deep on him. I get dressed to feed the horses, start up the 4-wheeler and head out. Oh, this is going to be good. I goose the 4-wheeler and snow flies out behind me. Slip a bit so put it in 4wheel and tear up to the barn. Newt flies up the tire tracks to meet me at the door. AJ & Cora are wondering just what am I doing, maybe it’s a bit of my own Spring Friskies that I’m feeling.

Got the horses fed, cats tucked away and I’m off to play. Zip around the parking lot throwing snow and head down the driveway.

Whatcha looking at???

Fresh powder, it's just too tempting and I can't control myself!!

I see that someone else couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play in the fresh snow, only they were in a vehicle, zig zagging all over the road and down in the ditch across from us.

Grab the mail and zip back down the driveway. Catch a picture of Cora peeking around their shed to see just what I’m doing. Drop the mail off, get some pictures of Stone & Moji playing and then head for the woods.

Moji says I wanna come race tooooooooo

Geesh it was peaceful back there. Quiet, some snow falling from the branches, scared up two Red-tail hawks that were by the pond. Tried to get their picture but the trees were in the way. I really loved how the snow was powdered on the branches. The camera just couldn’t capture how pretty it was. Headed to the garage to get the birdseed since the feeders were empty. After getting them fed, I called it quits, my thighs were starting to go numb and I couldn’t feel the tips to my fingers or my nose.

Final playtime for the boyz, my fingers are numb and I'm starting to lose feeling in my toes!

Took some time though to photograph Stone & Moji playing again and then headed inside to thaw—best part of going inside this time was MY GLASSES DIDN’T FOG UP!!! I’m loving Lasik

I know that snow will be short-lived and that Spring is just right around the corner. Maybe that’s what made today so much fun and tolerable.

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Tammy said...

Wow! You've been blogging a lot lately! Had a bunch to catch up on. Can't believe how big Mojo is getting. He is looking like he is catching up with Stone fast!