Friday, February 6, 2009

Cell Phones, do we really need them???!!!!

I finally decided to get with the program and get a new phone. It's not like my current phone is crap, but I'm tired of the battery running out when I'm talking--and this is after I've had it charging.

So, jump online to check out some phones that are out there now. Decide on either an LG Voyager or LG Envy 2

Head over to the store to get my new phone and hit a major roadblock.

The customer service rep can not access my account because....get is in a "Trust Market". Meaning what you ask?

Well, let me explain what it means..... my cell phone provider bought out another cell phone provider and since some of their areas overlapped, my phone number has been put up for sale. What the Heck!!!!!!!!!

So, here I'm in the store, I just want to freaking upgrade my phone and add text messaging. The Customer Service Rep could not even tell me what a new phone would cost with the new every 2 program that we are on OR how much to add text messenging to my service would be. All she could do was give me an 800 and a book to figure it out for myself.

So, on the way back to work, without a new phone mind you, I call the 800 number hoping I'd have enough battery power to get through the phone call. Do all the push button, access codes just to find out that they need to talk to Mike. What the heck!, I'm on the account, but can not have 'permission' to freaking upgrade my cell phone. Ok, deep breath, don't crash and for God's sake, don't throw your phone out the window. Give them Mike's cell phone and have them call me. The Rep gets back on the phone and says, "I'm sorry, but he's not answering his phone" GREAT. Hang up on the guy and call Mike. He's at Kohl's trying pants on for his trip to Vegas. Answer your FREAKING Phone!!!!! Give him the 800 number and he gets my name put on the account--yet again.

He calls me back, tells me the new password and says you are now on the account. I tell him something nice and he replies, yes, I know I had better have called them right away as I could tell you were about ready to blow. Ya think?????

Call the 800 number yet again and get a nice rep. We talk about phones etc and decide on the LG Envy 2. Discuss prices etc and get the text messaging put on the service contract too.

Now, I still do not have a new phone in my hands, it may not even get here until Tuesday. AND, I will have to go back to the store to have all of my contacts transferred IF I do not wish to do it myself. Hmmm, I think that's going to be a no brainer. Then, I will have to send all of my photos that I do want to keep to my new phone or my email address, they can not download them off the phone. Ok, great, sure wish I had known that before and I could have sent the one of Grandpa that I wanted to keep from our trip to New Mexico.

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