Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mojo Meets Newt

This is Newt, he's about 8 or 9 years old and has been around the block a few times. I adopted him from The Nebraska Humane Society 4 years ago after I lost Stache to a broken leg. Newt had come to NHS as an intact male tom cat. He was adopted, but returned due to litter box issues. He now leads a full-filled life in my barn and tack room, although, he secretly wants to be inside when the weather turns cold, as he displayed this morning.

Mojo had been playing, racing up and down the hallway, dragging his toys around. After about 30 minutes of that, it was time for a potty break. Normally, he runs off the deck, does his buisness and then wants back in. This morning though, he just sat at the stairs looking at something. Well, that something was NEWT! Newt jumped the fence and was coming up the deck, he wanted inside where he knew it was warm, well, warmer than it is outside! I thought for sure that Newt would nail Mojo when he pounced on him and I'd have a bleeding, screaming puppy on my hands. Nope, he just stood there, taking the mauling that Mojo was giving him. I mean, Mojo, all 12.6 pounds of him was sitting on Newt, biting his ears and swatting him with his feet. All Newt would do when he got sick of it was give the look as you can see below. I couldn't help but laugh! Stone and Kitten were not enthralled with the cat on the deck and wanted to eat him. Kitten went as far as to growl and swat the glass to get Newt to leave. Um, honey, Newt outweighs you by at least 5 pounds and lived on the street so knows a thing or two about cat fights.

Excuse the nose prints, foggy window!! Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and tried to shoo Newt back over the fence. It wasn't happening. Mojo wasn't scaring him and he wanted some loving. Mojo thought it would be fun to chase Newt, Newt just turned and swatted him a time or two, claws retracted so no damage was done. He needed to have them out just a tad though to get his point across. Mojo thought he was playing!
Poor Newt, all he wanted was to be picked up and cuddled a bit, not harassed by a puppy!

Save me momma!! That bratty puppy is after me again!!

You want some of me punk? I'll show you a thing or two, come here boy....

I'm warning you!!!

****Disclaimer--NO Animals were hurt in this photography session. Newt is happily tucked away in the garage on a bed, ever waiting for the door to open so he can come inside--sorry dude, not going to happen here, Kitten and Stone would eat you for lunch, well, they'd try anyway.

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Tammy said...

I am lovin' that last picture! Mojo looks so confused as to why Newt won't be his friend!